Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Get More Involved with San Diego CUE!

Have you ever wanted to get more involved with San Diego CUE? 
This might be your time. This fall we will elect new board members to join the SDCUE Board. I recently surveyed our current board to find out what they like about being on the SDCUE Board. Here are some of their answers:
  • the people
  • bringing ideas to share
  • helping to plan events
  • meeting with like-minded folks
  • being part of the greater edtech community
  • furthering our profession
  • being a leader
  • learning how the organization works on the backend
  • making events better
Also, being on the board is a nice way to advance a career, either by adding to your resume, or just putting yourself out there in a leadership role.

These 2 year board positions run from January 2017 to December 2019. The election will take place in November. There are at least four to eight meetings a year, some of which take place through a Google Hangout. We also vote, discuss, and plan remotely using our SDCUE Google Apps. 

How and why did people get started on the board? 
Many SDCUE members were great teachers like you, busily integrating tech in their teaching or helping others to do so. Some started by presenting or volunteering at the tech fair and then asked about becoming more involved. With some, a mentoring-type person advised them that they may want to get more involved in SDCUE.
Personally, after doing much of the above myself, I was invited to attend a board meeting social by Bernie Dodge, the first president of SDCUE. I quickly found it to be a great group to be involved with and have been on the board for 6 years, plus a couple of years on committees. I will step down at the end of this year.

How else can you be more involved and support San Diego CUE?
  • presenting at the tech fair
  • volunteering 3 hours at the tech fair
  • helping on a committee (for example, helping to build the tech fair online schedule or helping create the Day at a Glance program, helping recruit tech fair speakers, arranging for member events, helping manage our volunteer program, being in charge of tech support at the tech fair, etc.)

If any of these sound interesting to you and you are ready to step up your involvement, either reach out to one of our current board members or fill out the SDCUE Contact Us form.
We welcome your involvement! It's a great team and organization!

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