Friday, May 26, 2017

SDCUE Mini Grants 2017

SDCUE Mini Grants 2017
What would you do with $1000 to transform your learning environment? 

Need that iPad and Apple TV to enhance instruction?
How about a set of Chromebooks for a student center?
Always wanted science probes to connect to your devices?
Maybe Lego technology for hands on learning?

Whatever your wish, SDCUE is here to make it come true! Apply now for one of four $1000 mini grants from SDCUE. Show to us you have innovative ideas with a plan for implementation and we will support you.

Check out the past winners on the SDCUE Blog.

Applications due September 1st. Recipients will be announced by October 1st.

Mini Grants recipients will be featured at the San Diego CUE Tech Fair, and will be expected to write a short blog post about how they are using the materials in their classroom/school.

Click here to apply.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

SDCUE Innovative Educator and Innovative TOSA Honored at CFF Award Event

Last night, Classroom of the Future Foundation held their annual Innovations in Education Awards event. It was a fabulous night at Sea World, connecting with fellow educators, as well as local community and business leaders, and learning about all the innovative programs happening around the county.

SDCUE was proud to honor two of our members who earned our SDCUE Innovative Educator and Innovative TOSA awards.

Heather Love-Fleck, from Oceanside, received the Innovative TOSA award. Heather explains her innovative approach:

Innovation is an important theme within the STEM Lab (my classroom) at Stuart Mesa elementary school. In the STEM Lab, I facilitate student exploration and learning in grades K-8. I encourage all students to wonder, question, collaborate, fail, and reflect on everything they do, which embodies the “Innovator’s Mindset.” In grades K-5, I begin all activities with a driving question or challenge for students to explore. As students research and begin prototyping their solutions, I support them by asking questions, sharing my observations, wondering aloud, and encouraging them to reflect on “what did and did not work.” My middle school students (grades 6-8) have the opportunity to personalize their learning during their time in the STEM Lab. I encourage them to research STEM topics that they are passionate about. I believe that when students are working on projects that are meaningful, they are more likely to problem solve and take risks. Students in the STEM Lab often struggle and feel frustrated when things don’t work immediately, but I constantly encourage them to think critically and persevere. Students are empowered and excited when their resilience brings them success, and I absolutely love being part of that excitement!

Learn more about Heather by watching her video submission.

Allison Slattery, of Bonsall Elementary, received the Innovative Educator award. Her ticket to innovation lies within her commitment to being a lifelong learner:

I know it is cliche to say but I am a lifelong learner. The students I am privileged to work with teach me something new each day. As a learner I seek out Edcamps, technology conferences, and Open Educational Resources to enrich my classroom. As the technology lead for my campus I am given staff development time to share ideas and resources with my colleagues. Our school motto is to work hard, be inspired, think of others, and dream big. Students in my room are encouraged to take chances and understand the greatest learning occurs when we make mistakes. We understand working collaboratively is more powerful than working as individuals. Yet, individual contributions are respected and we actively listen to the ideas of others. We are creators more often than we are consumers. Troubleshooting and adapting to constant changes in technology allow the students in my class to form lasting habits that will benefit them in their unpredictable futures. The changes I have witnessed over my 20 year career in education have been enormous. Teaching students to navigate in a world where growth is exponential and change is unavoidable, human creativity, collaboration, and flexibility are key.

Learn more about Allison by watching her video submission.

We congratulate both of these ladies, as well as everyone who was presented an honor at the event.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

The SDCUE Blog wants YOU!

We want YOU to write for the San Diego CUE Blog!

Are you a teacher, TOSA, administrator, superintendent, parent, student, or human? If you answered, "yes" then we want you to write for the SDCUE Blog! All are welcome to write. 

Post Guidelines:
  • Diversity is key! We want diversity in authors, background, and your role in education. Your voice matters!
  • Ideally, posts are 500-1000 words. If you feel your post needs to be longer, talk to me first.
  • Captivate us! Use personality, real stories, and engagement. Just like in our classrooms, blog posts that are dry and super academic are not the most exciting to read.
  • Think Open! Before you share a tool or an app, think to yourself: is it free and cross-platform? If not, try to provide a comparable free alternative.
  • Use this exact post template. Please do not change the font or text size.
  • Be mindful of formatting:
    • Single. Space. After. Periods.
    • The Oxford Comma is your friend.
  • Cite your sources. This includes images and any quotes or statistics. Be sure you have the rights to use an image, whether it’s through creative commons online or media releases of students.
  • Edit first, submit second. We make our kids edit their work before they submit. And, we often ask them to peer edit. Find a friend to look over your post before you submit.
  • Follow your deadline. Things come up, and I completely understand. Please let me know asap if you will not be able to make your deadline.
  • Promote your post! Share it out on social media. Don’t be shy!

Not sure what to write about?

  • Favorite tech-integrated lesson
  • How you use technology in your classroom to connect students
  • Free app or tool
  • Conference experience (SDCUE Tech Fair, National CUE, Fall CUE, CUE Rockstar, ISTE, etc.)

Email to sign up to write or if you have any questions.

Keep checking back for great content from our excellent San Diego teachers!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Free event! Training and materials included!

Take advantage of this free opportunity from Materials and Training Included! April 22 8-3:30. 

Sunday, February 19, 2017

2017 SDCUE Innovative Educator Award

SDCUE is looking for that special educator... you know, the one who seeks out innovative ways to provide engaging and meaningful learning opportunities for his/her students; the one who can be found sharing ideas with a colleague down the hall; the one whose passion for teaching and learning is infectious to others.

Are YOU that person?

Then apply to become SDCUE's Innovative Educator of the Year!

The recipient receives a $1000 stipend for continuing the pursuit of innovation in education, as well as a 1-year membership to CUE.

The recipient will also receive a group registration for 5 people to attend the Annual SDCUE Tech Fair where the recipient is invited to lead a Featured Presentation Session.

The award will be presented at the 14th annual Innovation in Education Awards event on May 24, 2017 at Sea World.

Ready to apply? Here's what you need to do:

- Write a 200 word personal statement on how your classroom embodies the "Innnovator's Mindset" as explained by George Couros (  
- Create a short video, no longer than two minutes, that shows your innovative spirit. The video should show innovation in action; specific practices should be demonstrated, and not just described by the applicant or through testimonials.
- Submit a letter of recommendation from someone who sees the impact you have on students and learning.
- All are submitted via Google Form:

Submissions are due by March 3, 5PM.

** All applicants must be current members of SDCUE **