Monday, January 29, 2018

Board of Directors Open Call

The call for Board of Directors nominations is open now.
For the 2018-2020 board positions, all nomination materials must be received by SDCUE by February 9, 2018  in order to be considered for candidacy in the election.
Nomination Process
SDCUE members can be nominated in one of two ways:
  • A SDCUE member may self-nominate
  • A sitting board member may alert the president that they intend to run as an incumbent.  
Nominees must complete their nominations by submitting all of the following, which will be used for election information:
  • 50-100 word bio
  • A print quality color photograph (hi-res digital version).

All completed nominations will be reviewed by the SDCUE Nominating Committee who will make their recommendation to the SDCUE Board of Directors. The Board will confirm the final nominees in February. Following the confirmation of official nominees, each will be contacted.

The slate of nominees will be posted on the website and emailed to members.  
An online ballot will be emailed to all current members. Voting takes place for two weeks.  Election results will be announced at the SDCUE Social at CUE and via email  
What does it take to be a Board Member?
Basic Candidate Qualifications
A candidate for the Board of Directors of SDCUE shall
  • be a current member of SDCUE with service to the edtech community.
  • be prepared to contribute time and effort to further the purposes and priorities of SDCUE & CUE.
  • be free of significant conflicts of interest which might not allow the proper execution of the duties of a member of the Board of Directors.

Throughout the time of service the major employment of a majority of elected and appointed Board members should be in a public education institution, or a private education institution whose major endeavor is the provision of education of students.

Submission Process to run for the board:
If you have questions regarding the nomination submission process, please contact