Saturday, March 17, 2018

Newly Elected SDCUE Board 2018-2020

We're excited to share the new (and returning) SDCUE Board, which will serve the next three years alongside the current SDCUE Board members:

Carmen Restrepo, Cajon Valley School District
Steve Will, Lakeside Union School District
Chris Garcia, Chula Vista Elementary School District

Kevin Fairchild, Saddleback Valley Unified School District
Pamela Rabin, San Diego Unified School District
Laura Spencer, Del Mar Union School District

We have a lot of new initiatives in the works, and will be reaching out to all our members in the future to see who would like to serve on committees. So stay tuned!

Bios of Newly Elected Members

SDCUE Innovative Educator and TOSA for 2018

Christine Dixon, our Innovative TOSA for 2018:

Charity Shepard, our Innovative Educator for 2018:

As a teacher, I want my students to be reminded of the characteristics that make us human and the skills that computers are lacking. If our children walk around all day connected to technology, how will they stop and see what is happening in this world? How can they truly feel compassion for those within their community? Questions like these led me down the path of challenging my students to begin understanding and connecting with people in need within our community, on a deeper level. I hoped doing this would allow my students to see they could make a change. As I delved into ideas and ways to make this work, I began to make connections and find ways to adjust my curriculum in order to add what I believe is a a key aspect (humanism) into my students’ daily routine. I now realize this is not just a one-time “project”, it is a passion. It is a way to “think differently” and remind students what it means to be human. My inspiration comes from the potential success of my students in the future, not only in school, but also in life. I believe that providing community-centered learning projects, which allow students to connect with what makes them human, will lead to their future success. If I can be remembered as the teacher who inspired each student to look at the world around them and know that they can make a difference, then I will have “taught to my objective.”

Join us to celebrate their innovative spirit, as well as the innovations of programs throughout the county.