Monday, August 6, 2018

Learning Ways to Make Our Affiliate Work for You

By Matt Evans, SDCUE Sponsorship Chair & Board Member

Learning Development Institute (LDI), presented by Computer Using Educators (CUE), was held on July 27 and 28, 2018, at the Ventura County Board of Education in Camarillo, CA.

Three of our board members, Pamela Rabin, Kevin Fairchild, and Matthew Evans, attended the institute on behalf of SDCUE. CUE graciously covered the cost of registration and hotel for our board members.

We attended focus groups and roundtables in which we heard about how other local CUE affiliates were doing and how they attempt to help local educators to learn more about educational technology.

We participated in a group that discussed how other affiliates design and administer their tech fairs. SDCUE has always made a concerted effort to put on the best local tech fair possible. We believe that SDCUE has done so for many years! We would like to take our local involvement to another level. We want to make sure that new teacher know about us and have discussed providing a discount membership to obtain more new teacher engagement. We want to more teachers involved with the board by inviting our local members to become committee members to help frame our Tech Fair and other events.

Below are five (5) connection ideas for SDCUE:

Coffee meet-up once a month

More social media marketing- having a multiple geographic location and local facilitators.

Sharing of resources on the SDCUE website

Professional Development Workshops - monthly or quarterly - Free 3 hr. Workshops SDCUE would fund/provide the local expert

Playground and poster sessions at Tech Fair - local experts sharing

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