Saturday, August 6, 2016

Gotta Catch Em' All: Connecting with Our Members

Last weekend five SDCUE Board members attended CUE's Leadership Development Institute. This annual event is an opportunity for affiliate leaders to get together and share ideas and best practices for supporting our membership (you!). It was great to be able to speak with affiliates from across the state (and hunt a Pokemon or two at the StubHub Center!). 

Pidgey Pokemon with
2nd Vice President
Reuben Hoffman
One of the main topics this year was how to better support our members through enhanced communications, opportunities to connect, and outreach with other organizations. At the end of the event, each CUE affiliate shared one slide about key takeaways and next steps.

For SDCUE, our key takeaway was that we needed to improve our communications with our members by streamlining delivery and making sure everything we share is relevant. To that end, we have committed to the following:
  • Create an Instagram channel (@sandiego_CUE) for those who would rather receive information there instead of Twitter and Facebook.
  • Create a blog (which you're reading) to keep our members informed on a variety of ed tech happenings.
    • Provide opportunities for members to submit guest posts about ed tech topics
    • Highlight our members by sharing awards members receive, conference presentations they are providing, cool experiences they are part of, and anything else they'd like San Diego CUE members to know about
    • Share summaries of conferences we attend with you so you can keep current on what's going on out there
    • Share information from other San Diego organizations that is relevant to our membership
  • Schedule our newsletter on a monthly basis, so that information is timely and connected to all our social media channels.
  • Invite members to attend our meetings, and provide more opportunities for members to volunteer with our organization.
  • Schedule more opportunities for members to get together, whether it be a BrewCUE, a CoffeeCUE, or just a HangoutCUE.
We look forward to the changes, and encourage you to share with us what works, and what doesn't, so we can continue to serve all our members to the best of our abilities.

Stay tuned for ways you can be highlighted in a future blog post!

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