Monday, June 26, 2017

How is Technology Restorative?

How is Technology Restorative?

My Transformative Journey at CUERockstar Vista

You may have felt this way, too. Sometimes I feel like I really don’t get the whole tech thing in my classroom. Am I really doing what I’m supposed to be doing? Am I really reaching my students or just wasting time. I hear the word transformation but I don’t always feel transformative. CUE Rockstar Vista changed that for me.

I walked into my final session called Ctrl + Alt + Restore on Restorative Practices in the classroom. “How does this fit into a hands on tech camp?” I thought. We circled up, passed the sheep around, and introduced ourselves. I felt more comfortable. The presenter reminded us of the power of drawing students back into the community instead of pushing them out. Then it hit me. That’s what this whole RockStar thing is about…

Back to Day 1 of camp. I felt awkward. “I don’t know most of these people.” I got my badge and sat down. “They probably do a lot of fantastic and heroic things with tech,” I thought, looking around. I felt kind of “Old School.”

My first session: Producing Rock Star Student Media. I no sooner sat down then I was back up moving into a group and starting work on my first project. We chose a topic, went outside, started filming, and were back in 10 to edit and produce the video. We told a story, solved a problem, learned a new app, shared it with others. I was starting to feel different. “I can do this,” I thought. “My students can do this. They can learn by doing. They can tell stories. The technology can work for them.”

I went on. Drop the AMR. My second session now intrigued me. We stood up and counted to 3... With a partner. Not as easy as you might think! “Transform this lesson from BORING to engaging and effective. Help students own their learning,” was the challenge from the presenter. Wow, what a great discussion we had about thinking beyond what we always do to new practices that could allow students to be the curators of their own learning! “I think like this,” I realized to myself, “This is what I want to happen in my classroom. This community is MY community.”

I could go on, but my point is that CUERockstar - Vista was restorative to me. It gave me a sense of being invited into the community. I realized that despite my shortcomings and feelings of inadequacy as a teacher using technology, I came away with a new confidence that I can do this. That I AM doing it already. That I just need to stay on the path and complete the journey.

You should consider a CUE Rockstar Teacher Camp. You will be transformed. And Restored!

Thanks to @TomTechBUSD, @MsVenturino, @thedrmorgan, and all the amazing faculty at #CUERockstar Vista Thanks to for hosting!

Eric Sorenson

Eric Sorenson is a 4th Grade teacher in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. He earned his
MA in Educational Leadership from Azusa Pacific University and serves as Webmaster for Central School District. He loves teaching in a 1:1 environment, LEGO Robotics, helping kids explore their interests, and mentoring others to take on the transformation journey. @EricSorenson7

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  1. I felt like you were talking straight to me. I always feel those that attend CUE meetings know everything and I know nothing. Thanks for being vulnerable and writing about the way so many of us feel. I hope you write more!