Friday, October 28, 2016

It's time for another SDCUE election! Candidates announced!

The election was originally announced via a post on the SDCUE website. Since then, our
Nominating Committee has been busy interviewing current board members as part of the process for putting together a slate of candidates for the Board of Directors elections.

The committee members, all past SDCUE Presidents (Mary Lange, Pam Howard, Terri Linman, and Kathy Hayden (Chair)), do their best to look for great nominees and also support the goal of having a board:

  • representing the various regions of San Diego County

  • including various role types (such as teachers and administrators) and student grade ranges

  • supporting the bylaw stipulation that “the major employment of a majority of
    elected and appointed Board members should be in a public education institution, or a private education institution whose major endeavor is the provision of education of students. While considering regional representation, nominees shall be selected from among those who have provided service to the membership as a whole or who have provided service to a  committee or learning network”

This year we are moving from a three year term to two year term, and having overlapping terms, in order to help with continuity of experience. As part of this move, some current board member terms are being extended.

2017-18 Board: Laura Spencer, Terri Price, Pam Rabin, Mari Venturino, Kevin Fairchild (1 year)
2017-19 Board: 6 new board members (2 years)
2018-20 Board:  (2 years)
2019-21 Board:  (2 years)

An email was sent to the current membership list on October 25 announcing the slate of candidates.  

There are eight candidates. Members may vote for up to six.  The top six names will be on the SDCUE Board for two years, from 2017-2019.

Please look at the Candidate Names and Statements (listed in random order).

Members, please look for the Oct 25 email from SDCUE for more details on on the election.
For more information about SDCUE Membership, visit CUE at

Members can expect an email from a survey tool such as Election Buddy on November 9th, 2016.

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