Sunday, May 21, 2017

The SDCUE Blog wants YOU!

We want YOU to write for the San Diego CUE Blog!

Are you a teacher, TOSA, administrator, superintendent, parent, student, or human? If you answered, "yes" then we want you to write for the SDCUE Blog! All are welcome to write. 

Post Guidelines:
  • Diversity is key! We want diversity in authors, background, and your role in education. Your voice matters!
  • Ideally, posts are 500-1000 words. If you feel your post needs to be longer, talk to me first.
  • Captivate us! Use personality, real stories, and engagement. Just like in our classrooms, blog posts that are dry and super academic are not the most exciting to read.
  • Think Open! Before you share a tool or an app, think to yourself: is it free and cross-platform? If not, try to provide a comparable free alternative.
  • Use this exact post template. Please do not change the font or text size.
  • Be mindful of formatting:
    • Single. Space. After. Periods.
    • The Oxford Comma is your friend.
  • Cite your sources. This includes images and any quotes or statistics. Be sure you have the rights to use an image, whether it’s through creative commons online or media releases of students.
  • Edit first, submit second. We make our kids edit their work before they submit. And, we often ask them to peer edit. Find a friend to look over your post before you submit.
  • Follow your deadline. Things come up, and I completely understand. Please let me know asap if you will not be able to make your deadline.
  • Promote your post! Share it out on social media. Don’t be shy!

Not sure what to write about?

  • Favorite tech-integrated lesson
  • How you use technology in your classroom to connect students
  • Free app or tool
  • Conference experience (SDCUE Tech Fair, National CUE, Fall CUE, CUE Rockstar, ISTE, etc.)

Email to sign up to write or if you have any questions.

Keep checking back for great content from our excellent San Diego teachers!

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